How to order?

Just fill out the contact form with details about specific shoe designs and costs to start the process. Email requests are typically responded to in 24 hours. Once design of shoes and price are agreed upon, the order will begin.

How long do orders take?

Every shoe is custom made to order with an average of 4-6 weeks from placing order to showing up at your doorstep.

Where to Order?

Click the customize tab to get started.

How to Pay?

Payments can be made via invoice on Paypal.

How much do orders cost?

Pricing varies based on the requested design and base price of the shoe. Note prices will increase based on logo work and design complexity. Simple color swaps on shoes such as Air Force 1s, Nike Dunks, Adidas Samba start at $220. 

High top shoes such as Jordan 1s start at $300. 

Golf shoes like the Footjoy Dryjoy golf cleat start at $400. 

Pricing includes cost of shoes.

Where are shoes sourced from?

Shoes are sourced from manufacturers websites unless the specific model needed is sold out/no longer available then they’ll be purchased via reseller such as StockX or GOAT.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of making custom sneakers, all sales are final.

Send Us a Message

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